Green Fields #11 - Retribution

The hunt is on—and there are only a million zombies standing in our way.


Once more reunited after the successful attack on the slaver camp, Bree and Nate have a new goal in life: to hunt down the man responsible for turning hundreds of soldiers into mindless worker drones, and repeatedly drugging the arena fighters—Nate and Hamilton chiefly among them. This could turn out to be their most dangerous mission yet, and not even the support of old friends and new allies alike might be enough for them to succeed. But with no other options left and time running out, there’s no alternative to risking their lives once more. What is it with villains and their zombie-infested hideouts?


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Green Fields #11: Retribution audiobook

Narrated by Tess Irondale

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Adrienne Lecter  |  2021 |

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