World of Anthrax #6 – SEDITION OUT NOW!

Reunited again—and I don’t f*cking care whether that’s a good thing or not.

Haunted by grief, plagued by hunger, we’re on the run—again. And mostly not from the undead this time, since I have my own special way of dealing with the zombies. It’s the living who think that survival of the fittest puts them on top of the food chain now. 

Well, I got a surprise for you…

And, wouldn’t you know it, Jared is all for helping me stay strong… and full.

But there is hope for humanity yet, even if mine’s possibly lost for good. Resistance is rising, the intrepid few still fighting for a better tomorrow. Maybe not all is lost for those believing they are beyond being saved—or don’t give a crap about such mundane concepts. Yet times are trying enough that for a hot meal and a quiet night at a warm fire, we might just risk it all.

Only that none of us realized what we’d actually have to bargain for…

Because in the zombie apocalypse, things can always get worse.


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